The team

Christèle and Olivier, the cofounding partners at Alfalfaz, offer a unique combination

Christele Galpin













Christèle Galpin

Olivier Guerinault











Olivier Guerinault


More than 20 years of experience in international and operational leadership, each

A comprehensive research on the sciences of leadership via the best schools’ knowledge base

An endless optimism – complexity motivates us

A passion for change management – change fascinates us

What is in the name?

The lucerne grain, called alfalfa, grows naturally if exposed to sun and watered regularly. At Alfalfaz, we believe each individual possesses capabilities to grow if he/she is exposed to conditions suitable to his/her development.


We take pride in providing these conditions to organizations which want to support the growth of their leaders and their teams – whether through individual or team parternships centered on the human factor or through motivational conferences. Our consulting missions in Supply Chain, in Strategy and Organizational Design are similarly anchored on these progressive values.

From A to Z

We have added the letter Z to alfalfa in order to demonstrate our self-imposed requirement to assist you from start to finish as our clients define it. Only when our customers are satisfied from A to Z do we consider our mission accomplished.


A societal commitment

There is no planet B. Alfalfaz purchases ocean-cleaning bracelets for our customers from 4Ocean each time a mission ends. This is our way to proactively protect our planet. Visit and choose yours!

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