A taylor-made expertise

Alfalfaz is a consulting practice taylormade to your needs so you can leverage all the capabilities of your organizations. From our 20+ years of professional experience in global companies, in non-for-profit organizations and in the United Nations, we can help you evolve your strategy, get closer to your ambitions and deliver real transformations with innovative approaches.
At Alfalfaz, we believe in the power of the collectivity and untapped possibilities of your ecosystem. We can create together the necessary conditions to your own growth similarly to a plant process.

Alfalfaz partners with clients during the different stages of their evolution, from strategy conception to implementation.

A growth mecanism using the osmosis phenomenon according to which two different concentrated environments operate a permanent exchange allowing the balancing of the flows. This phenomenon only takes place if the ressources necessary to its growth are present.

Plants are capables of extraordinary plasticity due to their limited capability of movement. They must adapt to their environment and its variations to grow. Our objective is to develop the same plasticity capabilities for your organizations and your resources.

Alfalfaz makes a priority to always put human beings at the center of our practice. The same focus resides in our consulting offering. Our value proposition is based on the following three main areas


Re-inventing your business model

Organizational design

Strenghtening your organizations to facilitate evolutions


Partnering and facilitating change management