Boundary exploration

Four of us living in our house during confinement gave me a little laboratory experience. I love to observe: others, myself and the interactions in-between. Observation takes place through my eyes, my ears, all my senses.

It is fascinating how we explore our boundaries, days after days, as confinement went on. We got used to some new ways and explored further. We needed to keep conquering new territories or extending existing territories: physical, emotional, logical, rational, sensational.

This prompted a deep reflection on the roles we take in our lives and the roles that are given to us – sometimes without even noticing, at least to a certain point.

Which chairs are yours?

Once the roles emerged, the boundaries between these roles are better spotted. So is the adequacy of the role at the time being. Do I want the role of the caregiver for the entire house all the time? If not, am I ready to share it with someone else? Is someone else willing to take over all or a piece of that role? What feelings emerge as I play with my roles and the interactions with others’ roles in my household? Roles are important components of our personal, professional and social lives. Have you mapped them? Have you discussed their boundaries with the individuals impacted by your roles?

If there is one learning for me during this little laboratory experience is that the interpretation of the roles is dynamic as the roles are also dynamic, evolving, adapting to the context. Role and boundary conversations are courageous discussions to have in order to maintain a healthy life.  

Executives walking inside gears at sea at dawn demonstrate the power of cooperation and synergy.