Coaching is Caring.

Coaching is caring.

In a transparent discussion with a senior executive, Kate*, I was reminded about the roots for my passion for executive coaching.

As we were looking at the elements which prompted my engagement to coach one of her direct reports, a senior executive leading an entire country organization, Kate wanted to make sure I knew that she was coming from a caring place. 

She acknowledged her direct report has been a key performer. She also shared with her at year end that this excellent operational performance could be even better with a more international posture… unlocking higher level of management at a global scale. Kate has heard this feedback from other senior executives. She realized this could be a limitation to her direct report’s career. 

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Kate had the courage to have a honest conversation with her direct report. Kate did not want to sit on an information that would limit the career progression of one of her direct reports. Kate cares so much about her direct report that she took the time to speak up and offered this delicate feedback. She then suggested executive coaching to give her direct report the path to work on this global posture. 

Over the years, I have witnessed so many leaders fully aware of the limitations of their direct reports, even discussing them with other senior executives at times of promotion or year end reviews, but not having the courage to share this constructive feedback with their direct reports. Feedback is a gift. Executive coaching is a vector to enable this gift organizations offer to their leaders. A gift of awareness.

* Names have been changed for confidentiality – a must have in my coaching practice.