I cut my hair…

I cut my hair, from long to short. I made an appointment with a recommended hairstylist in Paris and told him I needed change. He asked if I had any restriction. I replied there was none except my natural color. All mirrors were hidden so change would be a surprise at the end. While he was working, I saw the hair strips falling on the floor. I felt happiness and relief. I wondered why such feelings were suddenly invading me. Then my mind brought me back to 2002, 17 years ago, when another hairdresser had to cut my long hair due to chemotherapy-induced hair loss. Long hair strips were falling on the ground.

This is a good example of associations our mind automatically makes, whether we want it or not. Developing self awareness helps us understand why we make our decision, what our life baggage supporting a decision is as well as why we feel a certain way in certain settings.

One rewarding way to develop awareness resides in leadership coaching. Are you ready to learn more about you and your interactions with others?